Established in 1901, Delta Alpha Fraternity was founded on December 5th by Alfred Von Peters and Wilfred Alabaster. That year, they both joined the same prestigious New England university*, each coming from a large, traditionally agricultural family. 

During that freshman year, Alfred and Wilfred continued to be passed up to be pledged by every fraternity on campus. After months of running into each other missing all of the Greek parties that happened around them and generally feeling left out, they became best friends and decided to form their own group. They knew that the world needed another option to the traditional fraternity, one that allowed anyone to join. To distinguish themselves as a legitimate philanthropic organization, they agreed that “helping the helpless” would be their mission.

They put a twist on their idea of “helping” though. They planned to search out people that needed help but didn’t know it. Some would consider those helpless people as potential Darwin Award winners. Members of Delta Alpha were sworn to keep those “helpless” souls from hurting themselves but not get in the way of their efforts. There would be no fun in not letting them try. 

By their senior year, the new fraternity had over a thousand members on campus. There were Delta Alpha chapters forming throughout New England. Many religious affiliated schools in the region officially banned students from forming Delta Alpha chapters on their campuses but chapters were still formed in secret.

After graduation Alfred and Wilfred decided to continue growing the fraternity by recruiting members from the business world and the local community to expand beyond the university base. There never seemed to be a lack of people wanting to join. Delta Alpha alumni gatherings could be found on street corners, at sporting events and in pubs and taverns. Any place that served alcohol was a good place for a Delta Alpha “intervention”. 

To the present day, whether as members or alumni, the Delta Alpha Fraternity is the largest known group of supporters of the “helpless” in the world. 

* Due to on going litigation, we are unable to provide the name of their university. Suffice it to say that you would know it if we told you.