Often times we are asked by parents, should my student join this fraternity?

In our opinion … YES!

Where else can you feel so confident that your student is exactly where they need to be and surrounded by the exact people that you trust and value.

As a member of Delta Alpha Fraternity, your student will be supported by their fellow members in everything they do. A fraternity member might pull them back by the collar of their shirt to keep them from doing something they’ll regret later during a a job interview from a “I noticed online that you have some pictures …” moment.  Your student will also be taught how to identify Darwin Award winners that cross our paths every day. You can’t help the helpless if you can’t identify the pattern of “what the hell were they thinking?” that can appear in a moment’s notice.

You’ve seen a child in your life that had no support group to help them. You know what it’s like for them to struggle to fit in. The fellow members of Delta Alpha Fraternity will provide that inclusiveness to your student giving them a safe haven from the unscripted humor of the world that we confront every day.

If you would also like to join as an Alumni, Delta Alpha Fraternity would love to have you. Take the oath to Help the Helpless and join today!