Our alumni membership is strong and continues to grow.

With the creation of new Darwin Award winners growing  daily at such an exponential rate, it’s no wonder that we have so many new Delta Alpha Fraternity alumni joining every day.  

Whether you post a “WTH” video on social media or text your friends a picture that you just took with the caption “you’re not going to believe this”, you are a proud Delta Alpha alum. Congratulations!

To help spread the word of your becoming an alum, make sure that you hashtag #deltaalphafraternity, #thestruggleisreal, and #missingsupport. We need everyone around the world to unite in our mission and be recognized as alumni members.

But the only way to truly Help the Helpless is to let everyone know when we see them. When the helpless are kept in the shadows, no one knows that they are there. They never get better and even worse, no one can enjoy what they are doing to win those Darwin Awards. By sharing those videos and pictures with the world, the helpless can heal and find comfort that someone was watching over them.

Will we ever rid the world of people doing stupid things and stop giving out Darwin Awards? I sure hope not … I mean, maybe. In the meantime, wear your Delta Alpha membership with pride and keep posting those videos and pics.

Auxilium Miseris = Helping the Helpless!